How Miou is Making a Difference

When Miou’s founder and owner Christine Dubin first decided to start a children’s clothing company, she knew that it was critical that she stay true to her own beliefs. She wanted to create stylish, European-inspired clothing for kids while making sure that the workers who made her clothes were being treated fairly. She also wanted to make sure that the children who wore her clothes weren’t exposed to toxic chemicals or pesticides.

Out of those criteria Miou has grown and become an eco-friendly company that practices fair- trade. Miou’s clothing is made with sustainable, non-toxic organic cotton and baby alpaca wool, and the knitters in Peru who painstakingly hand make each and every item are all paid a fair wage. These women can work from home, where they are able to help raise their own children while also paying to feed, clothe and educate them.

Very child deserves the chance to succeed. Miou strives to be able to make that happen for as many as possible.