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Alpaca Seashell Blanket - AquaAlpaca Seashell Blanket - AquaAlpaca Seashell Blanket - Aqua
Alpaca Seashell Blanket - Aqua

Alpaca Seashell Blanket

Product Details

This exquisite, knitted baby blanket is the ultimate in luxury—your child is sure to have sweet dreams while wrapped in its velvety softness. Made with 100% hand-spun, hand-dyed, non-toxic baby alpaca wool. Every stitch was made by one of our exceptional artisan knitters in Peru, making it a one-of-a-kind treasure you can pass down as a family heirloom.

Our knitters come from a poor region of Peru and many of them are single mothers. Working for Miou offers them a fair wage and the opportunity to knit from home so they can be with their children. It also allows them to pay for a good education for their kids, which many were unable to afford before. By buying from Miou, you are helping lift these women out of poverty while improving the lives of the next generation.

 Measures 82 x 82cm.