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Calipette Vest - CharcoalCalipette Vest - CharcoalCalipette Vest - CharcoalCalipette Vest - Charcoal
Calipette Vest - Charcoal

Calipette Vest

Product Details

This charming and versatile Calipette Vest is hand-knitted with a unique, asymmetrical garter-stitch pattern. Perfect for both boys and girls, the vest can be layered over dresses or sweaters to guard against those chilly days. Pair with any Miou dress or sweater, or add the Lace Bonnet or Baggy Knitted Pants in charcoal for a complete look.

All Miou's knitters are skilled artisans from Peru who practice a tradition of passing down their knowledge from generation to generation through the women. We pay them a  fair wage to ensure that they are able to support their families, and many of them work from home so they don't have to be away from their children. Every piece of Miou clothing is a handmade treasure, sure to bring you and your child years of joy.