Behind the scenes: Miou Kids fashion shoot for our new organic cotton line


We had so much fun at our photo shoot for Miou's new line of hand-knit organic cotton blankets, sweaters, dresses and hats. A huge thank you to talented photographers Martina and Reem, and to Joanna Mackenzie and all the wonderful children and parents who participated.


As you can imagine, photographing young children is not always easy. It takes a lot of negotiating (including exchanging candy for temporary compliance... sorry, parents!), props, clown faces, singing and jumping. In short, anything that works! 


We're thrilled with the final results of the shoot, and we thought we would share a few moments with you. Here are some photos from behind the scenes:


Stello and Pavo need a little convincing from Joanna and their mom, Carine.


Paxton thinks maybe being a supermodel is not that exciting after all...



Adele and Acesea need a little reassurance from Joanna.


Sometimes props work...


And sometimes they don't.


 Aloha covers up with a blanket between shots on a cold fall morning.

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