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Leg warmers have made a big comeback! And for good reason. You will love these super- soft, 100% baby alpaca wool leg warmers for women, and they are a stylish complement to any outfit. Layer over tights or leggings to give yourself an extra buffer against the elements this fall or winter. Perfect for lounging around the house or brightening up your ensemble while keeping you toasty and comfortable when you leave the house, these are sure to become an instant favourite. Pair with a Miou hat, scarf or gloves from our alpaca women’s line for a complete and lovely winter look.

Miou is certified fair trade and organic

Miou’s knitters are the creative backbone of our company. They take our unique, European-inspired designs and stich by stitch they turn them into the exceptionally well-crafted clothing we release into the world. We are proud of our knitters’ work, and we pay them a fair wage, which allows them to be lifted out of poverty so they can support their children. Many of our knitters are single mothers without the support of a spouse, so working for Miou makes a big difference in their lives. Just like the clothing they create makes a difference in ours!