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Alpaca Adult Pants

These unique and stylish pants are sure to keep you snug and warm while offering the ultimate in stylish comfort. Hand-knitted from super-soft, eco-friendly 100% baby alpaca wool that feels sleek and smooth against your skin, they are also lightweight and breathable. These pants will make you feel cozy and pampered, and are available in solid colours or a fun ethnic design. Pair with a Miou sweater, scarf or gloves for a complete outfit that will have you ready for any kind of winter weather!

Miou is certified fair trade and organic

Miou’s knitters are the backbone of the company, and they work hard to create these one-of-a-kind masterpieces just for you. All our knitters live in a small village in Peru, and they are paid a fair wage for their wonderful, skilled work. Many of them are single mothers who were living in poverty, and their wages allows them to support their children, as well as send them to school to ensure a brighter future for them. By supporting Miou, you are directly supporting these women and their families.