30 Days of Miou: A photo blog by Shabana Buwalda

In September, blogger and fabulous photographer Shabana Buwalda started a cool project on her blog Everything is Maya. The idea was that she would take 30 photos of her beautiful daughter Maya in her natural environment wearing Miou's hand-knit sweaters, bonnets and leggings. She says Maya loves the softness and warmth of Miou's clothing and asks to wear it every day, so it seemed like a natural fit.


Here's a quote from Shabana's blog to explain a little more:

"This series is not about pretty pictures or style-points; rather it is about my heartfelt desire to show you just how versatile, beautiful and fantastically practical these clothes are. And that it is absolutely worth the investment because you'll get a lot of use out of them."


The results are stunning, and we get to have a glimpse into the busy life of this curious, active and happy child. Here are just a few examples. Make sure you go to the blog to see the whole project!


Maya is ready for her outing in her baby alpaca knitted dress and matching bonnet.


Thanks, Maya, for being so lovely!


Our baby knitted pants are cozy and warm, perfect for cold winter days.


Maya loves to have fun in her knitted coat.


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