Women who matter to Miou

Uros women waiting for their guests to arrive on one of the floating islands, Lake Titicaca, Peru

Miou is dedicated to providing ethical and lovingly made products to families around the world. This could not be achieved without the hard work of our skilled Peruvian knitters. Balance and a harmonious working environment are important to Miou. We are given the gift of the knitters’ fine craftsmanship and they are given opportunities they might not have without this partnership.


Life can be difficult for girls and women in rural Peru. Most do not have the opportunities of women in urban areas, and over 33% or rural Peruvian women are illiterate, compared to roughly 11% of men. Poverty can affect women differently than men because they are often taking care of children and don’t have the same access to employment. Also, violence against women is a serious issue; almost 50% of women in Peru have suffered domestic violence.


Miou provides employment to women and pays them a fair living wage, while making the job very child-friendly, as most of the knitters are mothers who also care for their young children. Knitters can work from home so they can still be with their families.


When women are paid a fair wage it provides more opportunities for education, as well as boosting feelings of self-worth that can be eroded by poverty and other challenges.


Miou is so happy to be able to provide jobs to women while offering the finest quality of hand-knitted clothing to our customers.

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