How do we love baby alpaca? Let us count the ways...

baby alpaca fibre

People often ask us why we make all our hand-knit clothing from baby alpaca wool exclusively. The answer is simple: we want the best for the children who wear our knitwear.

Here are 11 of the many reasons why baby alpaca, which was once restricted for use only by Inca royalty, is one of the finest luxury fibres in the world...

  1. It's soft. Baby alpaca is as soft as cashmere without the high cost.

  2. It's durable. The fibre's unique hollow core gives it the strength of modern synthetic fibre.

  3. It's light. Because of its hollow core, baby alpaca is a very lightweight fibre.

  4. It's warm. The fibre's incredible thermal insulating properties protects wearers against the most bitter winter chill 

  5. It's breathable. Its hollow core makes it extremely breathable and comfortable to wear in any season.

  6. It's hypoallergenic. Unlike wool, alpaca contains no lanolin so won't irritate even the most sensitive skin.

  7. It's easy to keep clean. The fibre's natural antibacterial properties mean you don't have to wash baby alpaca knitwear as often as clothing made from other fibres.

  8. It's beautiful dyed or not dyed. Alpaca grows naturally in dozens of beautiful shades but also takes dyes beautifully

  9. It's humane. Baby alpaca is harvested by native Andean herdsmen at the onset of the rainy season and actually makes them more comfortable and better able to withstand the rains.

  10. It's sustainable. Alpacas are raised in the Andean mountains where they are allowed to roam free and eat the natural vegetation. No chemical-fed crops necessary!

  11. It does not involve actual baby alpacas. The fibre is called “baby alpaca” because it comes from fleece sheared from the first clip of a mature animal and is denser and of finer quality than subsequent clips.

There are many other reasons we can think of (not the least of which is children look adorable in baby alpaca knitwear!) but we'll stop there for now. If you or your children have ever worn any clothes made from baby alpaca, please tell us about your experience with this wonderfully versatile fibre.

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