One of the best things you can do for the planet

Earth Day is a great time to stop and consider the impact our lifestyles have on the planet. 

In order to reduce our ecological footprint, many of us are dedicated recyclers. We say no to plastic grocery bags, try to walk or ride our bikes instead of drive our car whenever possible, and buy as much organic food as our budget allows. 

But have you ever thought about the environmental impact of the clothing purchases you make? 

I recently came across some shocking statistics from the US Environmental Protection Agency that show how "throwaway fashion" is harming the planet. 

Consider this: 

  • An estimated 13.1 million tons of textiles were generated in 2010, or 5.3 percent of total municipal solid waste (MSW) generation.

  • An estimated 14.0 percent of textiles in clothing and footwear and 17.1 percent of items such as sheets and pillowcases was recovered for export or reprocessing in 2010.

  • The recovery rate for all textiles was 15.0 percent in 2010, 2.0 million tons.
... And that's just in the US... imagine how much bigger the number gets on a global scale! 

It's sad to see that only 14% of clothing and footwear textiles were recovered for reuse. The reason for this is probably because the items were in such poor condition they weren't fit to be worn by anyone else. 

This is one of the negative impacts of "fast fashion" -- the growing trend on the part of manufacturers to offer cheap clothes that are meant to be worn for a season or two at most and then thrown away. Because the low-quality materials degrade so quickly, they're more likely to end up in the landfill after being worn for just a short time. 

That's why, at Miou, we don't believe in "fast fashion." Our goal is to provide you with high-quality clothing that can be worn repeatedly  and then passed down to younger children once the original wearer outgrows it. And all of our clothing is made from eco-friendly alpaca fibres that are sustainably harvested with little impact on the planet. 

Buying fewer, high-quality items that outlast their more cheaply made counterparts is one of the best things you can do for the planet. They require less resources to make and result in less garbage in the landfill. 

So as you ponder your own lifestyle on this Earth Day, we hope you'll make the conscious decision to go for quality over quantity. Not only will you help the planet, you'll also make your kids look and feel great in their comfortable, stylish, and well-made outfits! 

Happy Earth Day, everyone! 

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