Lee Clower: The Artist Behind Our Gorgeous Photos - Miou Kids Knitwear

We often get comments from our customers and visitors about how gorgeous the photos on our website are. Thank you! 
We agree... all credit goes to our amazing photographer, Lee Clower, who very patiently worked with all the children to create all the incredible photos on our site.
Lee has been incredibly supportive of Miou from the beginning. He told me when we first started working together that he enjoys helping out new designers and he has been more than true to his word by putting me in touch with blogs that could help spread the word about our clothing line. 
And of course he is very talented! He has done so much to create the Miou style. I find his photos have a strong artistic element to them and are often composed like a painting. We create the knitwear, but it's the photographer whose eyes people see the collection through. 
That's why we're overjoyed to have the support of a talented photographer who not only takes beautiful photos but also knows what we are trying to communicate with our brand. 
If you are looking for a photographer, we highly recommend Lee! To see more of his gorgeous work, visit his website

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