Miou Kids Knitwear Is Featured On Everything Is Maya By Canadian Photographer

We were recently honoured when Shabana Buwalda, a photographer based in Ottawa, took a series of stunning photos of her daughter Maya wearing Miou knitwear while playing in a rustic farm setting. 

“The moment I opened the package Christine sent me, I felt so much love,” Shabana writes in her blog. “The only thing softer than baby Alpaca wool is my baby's skin.”

Shabana has also offered to do a series of photos in the fall that will “demonstrate how Miou can be perfectly combined with numerous styles of clothing.”

We’re excited to see the new photos—clearly Shabana has an incredible eye for style and we know Maya will look gorgeous in her Miou-inspired stylish outfits!

Thank you so much, Shabana, for your support!

To follow Shabana ongoing adventures with her darling daughter check out her blog or friend her on Facebook. 




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