A New Home for Lola!

Last year, Mioukids launched a new initiative to help our valued knitters overcome some day-to-day challenges. Our knitters live in a poor region of Peru, and while their wages allow them to support their families, some of them face other issues as well. We decided partial proceeds from a particular knitter’s work would go toward overcoming those challenges, and we started with Lola (see more about Lola's story here).

Lola is a single mother who had been living in a makeshift home with two of her three daughters, Flores and Milagros. Her eldest daughter is away at school. Part of the house was only protected from the elements by a tarp, so the wind and rain could easily get through and make living conditions far from optimal for the three of them.


With help from the Miou initiative, and your purchases of the items Lola knits for us, this lovely family now has a safe and structurally sound new home!

Here is the house under construction...with a tiny helper:)


The finished home!


We are so thrilled for Lola, and so are her fellow knitters, who came by for a housewarming get-together:


Congratulations, Lola, Flores and Milagros! May you have many happy years there together.

Thank you, dear customers, for your continued support, and for helping improve the lives of our knitters with every purchase from Miou.

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