Meet Cassandra Jones, the Talent Behind Noelle Mirabella Photography

Cassandra Jones of Noelle Mirabella Photography

If you know Miou, you know the exquisite style of Noelle Mirabella Photography, which captures the magic of nature, rich colours and textures, and the timeless wonder of childhood.

Based in Grande Prairie, Alberta, photographer Cassandra Jones is self-taught and outstandingly talented. Her work has won countless Cosmos Awards and has been featured in press such as US Weekly and Today. While she takes the odd course here and there, Cassandra has a master’s degree in clinical psychology, a field she was madly in love with and never imagined leaving.

“But,” she says, “life has a way of taking us down roads we have no intention of travelling. Twelve years ago, I lost my first daughter, Ava Maria. I bought my first camera as a form of therapy and a way of forcing myself to get out of bed and look for beauty in the world again.”

Indeed, her photographs are tender, nostalgic, and even angelic. They also capture the joie de vivre of childhood. Cassandra often draws inspiration from her own childhood, which she spent on a beautiful off-grid farm surrounded by all things vintage.

Cassandra is dedicated to the details and will often have items such as clothing, props, and furniture custom made for photoshoots. She hand embroiders garments and has antiques painted to tap into styles of centuries past.

As for those baby animals—yes, they’re real. Kittens, ducklings, and even goats make appearances in Cassandra’s photoshoots and the moments captured with them are authentic.

“I foster animals for our local rescue, so I usually have little babies running around at home,” says Cassandra. “If they are very well socialized, and caught up on their shots and vet appointments, I will sometimes bring them to work with me.” She is diligent about the safety and wellbeing of both animals and children, a standard ensured with the help of her assistant.

As for the connection to Miou, Cassandra’s stunning images became the face of Miou after she ordered some knits for her own children and tagged Miou on Instagram.

“A beautiful collaboration that I treasure dearly,” says Cassandra.

The feeling is absolutely mutual.

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