Spring is around the corner, but don’t put those hats away yet!




Nothing is cuter than a chubby-cheeked baby in a sweet, knitted hat or bonnet. But as most parents who live in northern climates know, hats are more than just stylish accessories for young children.

The womb is a cozy safe haven for babies, where everything they need in their little world is provided. They have nutrients, they don’t have to breathe on their own, and their temperature is perfectly regulated. But as soon as they’re born, they’re exposed to all the sights and sounds and smells of the world around them, and suddenly they know what it means to be hungry and cold.

It can take up to six months for infants’ bodies to regulate their own temperature, which is why new parents are always advised to keep hats on their new babies when they take them outside. Babies lose a lot of heat from their heads because their heads are large in proportion to their bodies, and older babies and toddlers still have a hard time self-regulating their temperature. Warmth is key to comfort, and hand-knit baby hats are the perfect solution.

Young kids are notorious for wanting to pull hats off their heads, which is why Miou bonnets have been designed with the utmost in comfort in mind. Soft and silky, they tie securely under the chin and keep your child’s head warm without causing any itching or discomfort. The only time your child will remember they’re wearing a hat is when they get compliments from adults on the street telling them how adorable they look!