Meet Our Knitters!


Miou's talented knitters from Peru are the heart of our company, because each bonnet, sweater, dress, booty and accessory has been created patiently and lovingly by their hands. Many of them come from impoverished areas where parents can't afford to send their children to school, and steady work from Miou at a fair wage is crucial to their families' health and well-being.


But we aren't just making a difference in their lives; they're making a difference in ours too. The art of knitting is passed down from mother to daughter in Peru, so each item of Miou clothing holds in its stitches the knowledge and attention to detail of generations of skilled artisans.


Warm thanks to all of our knitters. We couldn't do it without you! We're excited to introduce you to a few of them here: 


Lourdes, aged 50


Delia, aged 31


Gregoria, aged 78


Lucrecia, aged 42


Luz, aged 26


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