Miou Kids Knitwear Featured On Documenting Delight

I'm truly delighted to have our clothing featured in the latest post on Documenting Delight, a gorgeous blog maintained by Georgia Brizuela of Brisbane, Australia. 

Georgia is a photographer, filmmaker, and writer. Her blog features interesting articles and the most incredible photos of her family and their adventures. She's a beautiful mother -- so inspiring and incredibly talented. I love what she stands for, too: she promotes natural births and breastfeeding through her photos and videos, and talks with humour of the ups and down of parenting. 

Her short movies are so touching and well done, I am often deeply moved by them. Her photos are wonderful, too -- they're very natural and you can feel the joy and love through them. 

She recently took a series of photos of her beautiful children – Priya, 4, and Theo, 2 – wearing Miou clothing and the results are beautiful. Here are just a couple:

To see the whole set and read the lovely things Georgia has to say about Miou clothing, click here.

I encourage you to keep reading beyond that post, however, to explore her other articles, photos, and videos. You might also want to follow her on Facebook. Georgia and her family recently decided to live for an entire year without buying any non-essential items and she has a lot of interesting and useful information on how to live a simple and sustainable lifestyle.

Thank you so much, Georgia, for featuring our clothing on your lovely blog!

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