What people are saying about Miou's knitted children's clothes

Our children's knitted clothes have appeared on a number of wonderful blogs and other online and offline media in the past few months. We are honoured and delighted by the kind words people use to describe our products! 

Here are some of the places you can find reviews of Miou's line of children's clothes online: 

Feisty, Frugal, and Fabulous

Author Lisa Merle calls Miou knitwear "SOFT like BUTTER" and says, "Miou Exquisite Knitwear for Children is not exaggerating when they say their stuff is exquisite. It is. It’s also beautifully styled and impeccably gorgeous on your kids."  

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Paul & Paula 


Writer Peggy Juche calls Miou's children clothes "cosy, super sweet and perfect for the chilly mornings and evening we already face at the moment." 

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The Red Cat Inn


Rachel Deutscher writes, "This is the most beautiful item of clothing this boy will ever own. I am tempted to not let him wear it because I don’t want him to ruin it but he is saving it for ‘good’ at the moment so he wears it to church on Sundays…and climbs trees in it…and it's surviving quite nicely.  It's still as soft and beautiful as when it arrived in the mail." 

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Vancouver Mom

Contributor Amber Strocel says, "Miou's clothes have serious style...  these are quality pieces. Like all hand knits they’re one-of-a-kind. Also, if you care for them properly, they’ll last not just for a few years, but for a few generations. As an extra bonus, alpaca fibre is hypo-allergenic, has natural antibacterial properties, and is flame-resistant. This means the clothes have style and safety perks." 

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James Girone's Online Guide to the Children's Marketplace

James Girone recently featured Miou children's clothing as a Fall/Winter 2013 Editor's Pick. 


Tatler's Parent Guide 

Miou's children's clothing was recently featured in the fall 2013 Tatler's Parent Guide in the UK. Here's what they wrote: "Their luxurious knitwear for kids is made with the softest baby alpaca wool so their clothes are as comfortable as they are stylish and durable." 

A huge thank you to all the writers and product reviewers who have supported us during our first year in business. It means so much that you believe in our vision of providing stylish and sustainable free trade knitwear for children. 

We can't what to see what the next year brings! 

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